Stephanie (wondrous2) wrote,

Check List...thingy

Current to do list thingy

1. Get a fuckin' job!!! (I'm kind of doing this now)

2. Write that letter to my aunt. I thought about this...I can't...many very good reasons.
3. Get that money order and send it to my bank thingy. I'm going to wait until I get more money.
4. Exercise. There's a pilates machine here and I can do yoga.

I've been to four, I repeat, four different Walgreens stores and I applied to Target. Three of those Walgreens stores' computers didn't work so I couldn't complete my application, which I later found out is already complete (Urg!). The store manager wasn't at the fourth store so I couldn't do anything there (I didn't like that location too much...too far), buuuuut the store manager at the first store called me when I wasn't at home (crap!). I called back and he wasn't there, so I'll call tomorrow.

I applied to Super Target and I don't think that I'll get in. I applied almost a year ago and they wanted me, but I had to go to school, so they told me to reapply later. Well, here's later (much later) and I doubt that I got it this time.

Yesterday I rode my sister's bike to the library to turn in my application (lol), I didn't feel like walking.
It was nice. After turning in my application I went for a little bike ride...really nice. I wanted to go riding today. This is a good start to working out.

Cool, completing my little list thingy is going pretty well so far, especially considering that I came up with it a short while ago (Ha! I stole the idea from Marc-microsleep).
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