Stephanie (wondrous2) wrote,

I Need to Get Away...Now!

Didn't have a very good night. I felt hopeless and suicidal so I took two Ambien pills (I usually take two), but it took me a while to fall asleep. My dreams sucked because I woke up only to be anxious. My parents finally gave me my mail, but since one of them is a bill I will get charged a $15 late fee...AGAIN!!! Well, actually I finally found it, they probably wouldn't have told me. I swear my parents are trying to ruin my life. Also, I called the credit card company to tell them that I want to cancel my card and that I never received it in the first place (my parents probably have the card).

I've been an angry bitch lately, wanting-to-fight-and-literally-kill-people bitchy. While I was trying to call the company my sister's boyfriend and possibly my other sister's friend tried to call...continuously!!! That fuckin' shit gets on my nerves!!! Call once and then call back later if no one answers the damn phone! When one of those crazy people called like the 3rd or 4th time, I cursed that person out. Come to find out it was my sister's boyfriend. Why the hell would you call like 6 times within 5mins?!!...Unless it's an emergency, but it wasn't. That son-of-a-bitch lives right next door, but he has to call her every 5secs despite the fact that she goes over his house all the time.

Tags: bitchy
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