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Okay, Plan C ♠

Now I'm have a plan C. Talking to April helped me with this. ^_^ I plan to get a job, save enough money, and get the hell out of here! Living with unsupportive parents is hell. My whole family (extended and immediate) can't help me, they really don't want to. Anyway, being on my own is the best way for me to survive right now. The people that I live with are trying to kill me so, I need to leave!

The only problems that I will have are getting therapy several months from now and also going to school later. Hm...I attended IU and really want to go back so, maybe I could get an apartment in Indiana. If I get enough money to move, then I'll worry about transportation later. I am in dire need of therapy and joke. My delusions are starting to intensify.

I'm also worried about not keeping a job if I get one. At the last job I had I kept missing days because of being sick all the time. The times I did force myself to go to work I didn't treat the costumers the way I should've (I wasn't a bitch or anything, just wasn't friendly) and I lack focus and concentration (I almost burned a costumer and I damn near made the fire alarm go off).

Urrrh! It'd be perfect if a miracle would happen. Like, hell, if I won the lottery or something. Eh...a high-paying job is more likely to happen.
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