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Vacations Are Good!

Back from my nine-day vacation. I stayed at the Whitehall hotel for a week. It was lovely. :-) I stayed another night due to that damn blizzard. I went to the movies to see Black Swan, which was good, dined out at a few restaurants, went to a spa, and just simply enjoyed myself. I plan to take another vacation in six months or so. Also, I have to plan to go to Colombia next year to visit my lovely amiga, Johanna (yojism). Hopefully my Spanish is better by then.

I see a new therapist now. She seems nice. :-) Hopefully she's my last one, 'cause starting over with a new therapist is too time-consuming for me. I liked my last one, but she wasn't available for working with me. This new one, Rebecca, does EMDR, hypnosis, and dream work. Very interesting... We'll see how this goes. :-)
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