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EMDR is Kicking My Ass!

Seriously... it's kicking my ass and winning.

EMDR sessions are typically 90mins. long, but my therapist breaks them into two 45min-sessions. At the moment I'm only seeing her once a week, which will soon change to twice a week 'cause I can't handle breaking these sessions in half!

I guess that it generally takes 90mins. for a treatment of EMDR to help the brain process a traumatic memory. So, when I stop in the middle of a session and don't continue until a week later, then guess how that week will go... shitty as hell! I keep randomly crying and having terrible dreams - it's horrible!

I'm taking a break from this shit! Dr. Young and I will have regular talk-sessions for a while. I'm not ready to go through this crap for a third time yet. Geez, this sucks! And it doesn't help that my fuckin' father is stalking me at the moment. The bastard is relentless. He constantly calls my cell phone, the house phone, and he comes over looking for me. Can't you take a hint, you stupid fucker! I don't want to talk to you!!! Do I need to scream at you again? Geez!

*takes deep breath* Anyway, I'm not gonna give up on EMDR - I just need a break. It's pretty damn intense. :-(
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