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Mental Health
Doing much better. :-) I've been handling all of my emotions very well. At work I do get very angry with some things, but I've done all I could there so now I'm transfering to another department. I still get a little stressed, but not to the point where I feel useless or self-destructive. I don't get as worked up as I used to or as nervous. Yay! :-) Part of the reason why, I admit, is because I'm too physically exhausted, but I have learned ways to cope and think about things differently too.

New Job (sort of)
I have about two more weeks left of this bakery crap. I don't even want to do these two weeks, but at least I'll get the specialist pay. When I transfer to the flow team, I will get paid a little less, but that's fine with me. I can't stand the bakery at this point. How it is set up, how it is run, who runs it, etc. - I can't do it. It's ridiculous. Everyone is asking me when my last day is so I'll pick one: October 17th is my last day. I'll probably start working on the flow team on the 20th. Depends.

I had my initial appointment with my new therapist last Thursday. Everything went smoothly. Driving, she is about 35mins. away from me, but since I don't have a car I had to take a bus and two trains down there. I'm happy that I didn't get lost or ended up being late or anything. Dr. Young was very nice and she asked a lot of good questions. I have an appointment with her this Thursday, and I guess I'll just continue talking about my history of abuse and treatment. In the past when I would go to therapy, I was in distress and very anxious, but now I can just talk about whatever I need to talk about. Plus, the longer you do therapy the easier it gets (at least for me anyways).

I want to participate again, but I can't say that I know what I want to write about. lol I sorta, kinda have an idea, but that's not good enough. I gotta get crackin'. I'd feel left out and disappointed if I didn't participate this year. Last year I did a story about my life and just changed everyone's names and stuff. This year I actually want to write a fiction novel. I guess you can say that I cheated last year, but I swear writing it wasn't easy!

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