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Pole Work and ...Work

I got my pole last week!!! My body's been incredibly sore since I've been working on that thing. lol The second and third day I was on it I wanted to quit. Pole work isn't easy at all, but I never assumed it would be. Well, I stuck with it and by the fourth day I managed to master several spins and some intermediate poses, even the one where I'm hanging from one leg, theorhetoriq! Will send you a pic soon.

I've been exhausted lately, both from work and lack of sleep. I put off doing a lot of things due to wanting to rest or sleep. I'm off this weekend, so when I get a chance, I'll have to call my dear friend yojism. I've been missing her calls since I've been busy and tired. This exhaustion crap has to stop, especially since it's messing with my menstrual cycle. I'm back to bleeding excessively now. I've been bleeding a little over a week now, which is ridiculous since I was on my period a week before this one. This bleeding more than once a month shit ain't workin'. I need to go back on the pill. I was on it a few years ago and it worked wonderfully, so when I get my health insurance card, I'll have to see a doctor.

Things are really, really stressful at work, but I'm trying not to let myself get too stressed out. Actually, I'm more angry than anything about the way things are going, so I'm gonna talk to my store mananger or the hiring manager. If nothing happens after that, then I won't give a shit anymore. I'm tired of giving my all for a bullshit job.
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