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My mom bought a new computer! Yay!!! She bought it and I set it up a few days ago. Now I can stop going to the library and the computer lab. Sometimes it's a bit inconvenient to go to either place.

Today I finally went to see a movie. I always try to go with one of my sisters, but something always happens. I just went by myself. I saw Obsessed, and it was pretty good. Maybe this weekend I'll go see Fighting. Thank goodness for being off this weekend!

Some fool on Myspace just messaged me asking if I had an innie or outtie belly-button. He wanted to know so he could see if he is interested in me or not. LOL!!! What the fuck?! We're judging people by belly-buttons now? LOL! I just blocked his crazy ass. I'm guessing he's interested in chicks with outties, and I'm one of them, but I'm not interested in whatever the hell he's interested in, so uh, no. lol Seriously, that shit made my day. :-P I guess he's better than the guy who tried to make me... ahem, "cum" with his so-called seductive poetry. Crazy Myspace freaks... lol

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. lol I'm baking tomorrow, and I don't like baking at Target anymore. Hell, I don't like working for Target anymore. Well, at least on Friday I'm working 9am-2pm and I have the weekend off. Marvelous. :-) Whenever I'm scheduled to work any time besides 5am, I'm cake decorating, which I like much better than baking at this point. Well, actually, many times when I'm scheduled to decorate cakes, I end up packaging breads. That sucks 'cause I'm not supposed to be doing that all the time. That only happens when my team leader is there because she feels she can't package by herself and meet our deadlines. That really sucks 'cause I know I can package by myself and meet the deadlines... Anyway, I'm looking for a new job. Until then, I'm at Target being tossed about like a ping-pong ball. *sigh*
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