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Man... I really wish I had a computer at home. I miss the convenience of getting on the internet whenever I wanted, and now it depends on whether I feel like walking to the computer lab or not. Damnit. I miss reading you guys' entries everyday. It sucks not to do that 'cause I feel like I miss a lot. I'm a comment whore, too, so it sucks not to comment all the time.

In other news, I got my pay-raise. Yay! It's what I expected it to be, so I'm not complaining. A vast majority of my money goes to bills, and this raise will help. Good. :-) Currently, I'm the baker, but in a couple of weeks or so I may be the "in-between person." That means that I bake on the baker's days off and I'll cake decorate on the cake decorator's days off. Fucking sweet. Well, it's not written in stone, but that's what management is considering. Hell, I do both jobs now anyways. lol

Well, I've been doing a good job keeping myself busy, active, and organized, so yay! lol I'm not trying to worry about all the many plans that I have right now 'cause that'll only depress me, so I'm taking life as it comes. It's been awesome so far, though!

*hugs to you all*
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