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16 Things About Me Meme

1. I take showers with flip-flop sandals on. I did it in college, and when I came back home I just continued to do it. lol

2. I have an outtie bellybutton.

3. I talk aloud to myself very often. My sister thinks I'm nuts. lol

4. I have flexible DIP joints and hyper-extended PIP joints in my hands. It looks as if I have a swan neck deformity in my index, middle, and ring fingers, but they're just flexible, so they're not stuck this way. People often call me "double-jointed" or say that it looks really creepy and painful. It doesn't hurt at all - they just naturally bend like that.

5. I "tickle my fancy" almost everyday, often times more than once a day. I only "tickle" with toys, though.

6. I curse way more than necessary sometimes.

7. I love America's Best Dance Crew! I have to be alone when I watch it, though, 'cause I tend to get very excited and loud, curse and scream... you know when guys are watching the Super Bowl and they yell at the referee or get excited when their team wins? Yeah, I'm like that. lol I yell at the judges and critique the dancers very harshly, and it tends to bother people when they're in the room with me.

8. I still like Alf. LOL I don't watch the TV series anymore, but I squeal every time I see him!

9. I don't really like eggs, but every time I make myself breakfast I have to make eggs to go with it. I can eat them with syrup, and when I don't have syrup, I force myself to eat them anyway.

10. I get sooo excited when I see that my toothpaste sparkles. *squee!* I don't know what's in it to make it look like it has glitter or something in it, but it's sooo awesome!

11. One of my favorite childhood toys was a mechanical puppy named Puff-a-loff.

12. When I get out the shower, I sometimes go to my bedroom to dry off, lotion up, and dress, but mostly I do it in the living room. It used to annoy my sisters and my mom thought I was nuts, but now they do it, too. lol

13. I want a double tongue piercing. I don't intend on wearing plain studs, though.

14. I like to pour my heart and soul into singing Emilie Autumn's music. Usually I'm listening to her with my headphones on, and since I'm not able to hear myself, I sound pretty bad. lol It sounds like I'm just yelling my ass off while under the influence of some drug. It's that bad. lol

15. I dance all the time - even when the time and the place are inappropriate.

16. Live mice don't scare me, but dead ones do.
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