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Life is wearing me out; I'm tired as hell. I'm getting by, though. For the past few weeks I've been reading a bunch of self-help books and working on the exercises in them. I was reading a lot on spirituality, but now I'm working on the PTSD and the other problems. I've been learning a lot, so we'll see how this goes.

I'm exhausted in more ways than one. I don't feel like socializing with friends or family, I don't feel like leaving the apartment, I don't feel like taking care of myself, I don't feel like doing shit. I'm just sooo tired. Life has beaten the shit outta me, and I'm not too sure if I can properly function at this point. I can't say that I'm enthusiastic about living. I'm not suicidal, but I'm not exactly surviving either. I think I'm depressed. Not clinically depressed, though. I refuse to get to that point again.

My sleep schedule is so retarded. A little while ago I was up during the night and slept during the day, but I was okay with that. Now I just sleep...whenever. It's like some days I have insomnia and others I have hypersomnia, which is weird 'cause I've never had hypersomnia. Hell, I took a nap this morning and now I want to go back to sleep, and I think I will. I probably need a doctor or something. I've been feeling dizzy, tired, and weak for the past couple of months or so. I've been having digestive problems and have been getting sick a lot, too. *sigh* I'm going to bed.
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