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My internet's down again. Last time, we eventually found out was that our modem was the main problem. We have no idea why we don't have the net now. Oh well. Right now I'm at a computer lab, and there are no time limits here, so yay!

It's the 5th of November and I have yet to start writing my novel (I was gone, though). Yeah, I'm 6,668 words behind and I have to do another 1,667 words today. Well, at least I completed the outline for the first part of the book, so it should be easier to write now. I'm pretty good at free-writing (basically writing non-stop), anyway.

I feel better than I have a week or two ago. I was beginning to feel depressed again, but now I'm feeling more hopeful. Getting outta the apartment helps...a lot. I plan to go to the movies either tomorrow or Friday. I'm going to see Changeling. I'm supposed to be seeing Sex Drive with my youngest sister soon, but I'm not sure when that's gonna happen. She has no intention of walking or taking the bus to the theater, so we're waiting for a ride. I'm gonna see Changeling by myself since I don't mind walking.
Tags: good mood, misc., nano, update
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