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Writer's Block: Hope

What gives you hope for your future? How about hope for your world's future? Is hope hard to maintain?

Honestly, I'm not sure. I really want to be happy in life, and I believe that I can be. I guess that's what keeps me going. If I didn't have any plans, any dreams and aspirations, then I think I would've committed suicide a long time ago. Sometimes I don't see why in hell I am able to maintain any amount of hope during the bad times, though. But it would be a shame to end my life if there is a possibility of living in happiness, right? I gotta admit, though - it is hard as hell sometimes.

As far as the world goes, I have faith that everything will be okay, and if not, then that's okay, too. I believe that the universe has a plan for itself, and it's gonna carry out that plan whether we understand it or not. So, needless to say, I don't worry about the world's future too much.

Sometimes I just wanna give up. I feel like life is just beating me up, and I'm just getting weaker and weaker. I can't help but to wonder if that's life's way of telling me to give up and stop dreamin'. It sucks 'cause I believe that we create our own reality and life is what we make it. Can you say cognitive dissonance? Hope does lessen the pain a bit, and I guess some relief is better than no relief. I just wish that maintaining hope wasn't so hard sometimes.
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