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A Nice Start for the Summer

This past Sunday was my birthday, and I had fun. :-) My grandma and my aunt took me out to eat, and then Susie took me to a strip club. We ended up going to a gentlemen's club since there aren't any ladies' clubs nearby. After that, we went to her place, and she surprised me with a cake. Aw♥ Then we got drunk. lol

This coming Sunday, Susie, Denzel, and I are going to Six Flags (an amusement park). Awesome. It's been some years since I've last gone there. We're hoping it won't rain, but if it did, we'd still try to have fun. I gotta remember to buy the tickets online. I don't have a working printer here, so I'll have to go to the library tomorrow to print them out.

Me and Susie have a bunch of things we wanna do this summer, we just have to schedule everything. I need an awesome summer, yay!
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