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I'm So Helpless...

My mom won't stop. She keeps telling me things that makes me feel like a horrible person. She thinks that I'm making everything up about my mental disorder. She can't accept the fact that I may be a nice person trying to save myself the best way I know how. It doesn't help to know that my mother is trying to tear me down. She is so negative and doesn't care about me. She says that she cares, but really she could care less. There is this one person who I want to try to talk to, someone that I might learn to trust, and my mom doesn't want me to. I have serious trust issues which only allows me to be alone. Why can't I try to trust someone? Even if it's a mistake. I just want to talk to that one person. He said that I could and I want to try. It's better than being alone in my room constantly cutting myself and coming up with a suicide plan. I really need to let that out along with some tears.
Tags: anger, family, sad
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