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I'm so tired right now.
I'm gonna go hang with Susie tonight and tomorrow we're going to Paint N Party to paint more fairies. lol She's the only person I hang with who does arts&crafts. I knew her for years and never knew that. :-S lol That's awesome 'cause it's one of my favorite hobbies, not to mention it's very therapeutic for me.

I'm glad that I've been getting out of the house lately. It really sucks here. Not only is the apartment really, really crappy, but the three people who I live with are messy and inconsiderate. Yeah, I'm talking about my family, but it's true. I'm the type of person who lives and functions better on her own since I want everything MY way. I just like to have my own personal space, ya know?

I had a two-year plan, but I think that I'm gonna change it again. lol I change my plans all the time. Anyway, I'll update about it when I figure out what I'm definitely gonna do.
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