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A Letter

Dear Universe,

A friend and I were talking last night and we concluded that we don't like the way our lives are going. I know what got me off track, but how do I fix it? Well, I guess I shouldn't ask how to fix it but can I get help with fixing it. I really do need help. I don't mean the kind of help where people tell me what they think I should do and I don't want that negative "encouragement," either. No one knows my situation well enough to judge me and tell me what he/she thinks is best.
Get a job and all your problems will be solved...
Go back to school and all your problems will be solved...
Move out and all your problems will be solved...

Guess what? That's not the point. If I get a job, go back to school, and move out, I'm still gonna be in a rut. Why? 'Cause everything that I once knew is now different. Here's the plan though...I've made a list of short-term goals for the month. I will continue to make and accomplish these short-term goals, and soon I will progress to bigger goals. I guess that I'm asking for you to allow me to go through this process with flying colors. I don't want any interruptions, setbacks, detours, or anything of the sort. This doesn't mean that I expect things to go perfectly, but I'm tired of failing and having to start over. I want to continually progress. Now I'm willing to do the work, are you willing to help me and not try to break me this time?

Little ol' me
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