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Meditation and Stuff

Today I intended to fast. I thought about meditating and letting my body, mind, and soul relax and be at ease. What a wonderful and enlightening feeling that would have been

Me: I'm hungry.
Susie: Me too. Wanna go get something to eat?
Me: Yeah!
Susie: I'll be there in ten minutes to pick you up.
Me: Yay!

So much for Maybe I'll do it on a day when I'm not IM-ing a friend under the influence of hunger. :-S I want to fast and meditate for a whole day at least once. Usually, I only meditate for about an hour or so, but I find it easier to do it for longer periods of time when I don't eat (and when I don't feel hungry, lol). It's really calming, and it's a time for me to clear my mind and think things through without any judgments and negative thoughts.

In other news, my dad and my step-mother plan to buy a house together soon, which is really nice, but they're talkin' about moving to the same town we (my mom, sisters, and I) live in... *cricket sounds* WTF? I don't really know how I feel about that right now. I just like knowing that my dad lives at least an hour away from me. Damn. :-S
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