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Meme Blog III

Gotta love theorhetoriq for this one. :-D

Look to your left and blog the first thing you see
A dart board. I was at Susan's house drinking beer and taking jello shots when I first read this, so I'm writing about the dart board! lol Susie and I went to Spencer's earlier that day and wanted to buy two shot glasses and a drinking game. We saw the dart board (which really isn't a dart board) and thought it would be cool. The board was labeled with things to do like Drink 1, Lose a Turn, and Social (which means that everyone playing has to take a drink). It's a good thing that the board came with balls that would stick to the board instead of actual darts, 'cause our drunk asses would've gotten hurt since we couldn't aim. lol Anyway, the next day Susie and I decided to start off playing the game sober instead of drunk like the day before, and I ended up taking 11 or 12 jello shots. When we made the jello shots, we didn't have enough vodka to put in it, so taking that many didn't really effect me. It was the equivalent of about 3 or 4 shots.

Another thing that was on my left is my nose ring! It's about fucking time I got my nose pierced. That shit hurt when I got it done! lol I wanted it since I was 6 years old, and when I turned 18, I didn't really give it much thought. Probably 'cause I was experiencing the worse time of my life then. :-S Anyway, Susie and I went together - she got a monroe and I got a nostril piercing. Susie got her monroe taken out yesterday, though, since she was having some complications with it.
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