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Wondrous Beauty
Living From Within
Meme Blog II 
20th-Mar-2008 02:33 am
Greens Goddess
What I like to watch on TV
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation! I love that show. I like CSI: Miami and New York, too, but Las Vegas (the first one) is my favorite. I like to watch the Discovery Health Channel, which has shows about re-constructive surgeries, childbirth, and that kind of stuff. I like comedy, too: The George Lopez show, Roseanne, and some other Nick at Night/TV Land shows. I like Family guy as well. That show's so stupid. :-P Oh, and I cannot forget about Degrassi - it's one of my favorites. :-) It's pretty much a soap opera for teens. lol I watch the news, and every now and then I watch something random.

My digestive system
My digestive system is pretty retarded. lol Well, first of all, I'm lactose intolerant. I looove milk, cheese, and all those other foods containing lactose, so I eat them all the time! I probably should reduce my lactose intake since I can get some bad cramps and diarrhea, but I just can't help it. lol My mom buys lactose-free products sometimes, and still I usually go for the regular stuff anyway. lol

Another thing is that I don't eat well. I barely eat one meal a day, and it's been like that on and off since I was really young. Over the years it has taken a toll on my digestive system. It's very difficult for me to go from eating once a day to three times a day sometimes since my body's been trained to not be hungry all the time, so I usually stick to eating small snacks throughout the day. I don't have regular bowel movements either. Sometimes I don't have a bowel movement for several days at a time, no matter if I eat once or twice a day.

I can get heartburn pretty easily, but that's only when I constantly drink a lot of soft drinks and junk food. I used to get it all the freakin' time. I've been drinking a lot of water and healthier foods now, so I haven't had that problem for a while. And that's pretty much it about my digestive system. :-)
20th-Mar-2008 08:44 am (UTC)
i like to know other people's digestive systems are fucked up too! makes me feel better about mine lol.
also... degrassi the next generation?? that show is so bad and yet so amazing!
20th-Mar-2008 09:03 am (UTC)
Hell yeah! Gotta love that show!
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