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Meme Blog II

What I like to watch on TV
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation! I love that show. I like CSI: Miami and New York, too, but Las Vegas (the first one) is my favorite. I like to watch the Discovery Health Channel, which has shows about re-constructive surgeries, childbirth, and that kind of stuff. I like comedy, too: The George Lopez show, Roseanne, and some other Nick at Night/TV Land shows. I like Family guy as well. That show's so stupid. :-P Oh, and I cannot forget about Degrassi - it's one of my favorites. :-) It's pretty much a soap opera for teens. lol I watch the news, and every now and then I watch something random.

My digestive system
My digestive system is pretty retarded. lol Well, first of all, I'm lactose intolerant. I looove milk, cheese, and all those other foods containing lactose, so I eat them all the time! I probably should reduce my lactose intake since I can get some bad cramps and diarrhea, but I just can't help it. lol My mom buys lactose-free products sometimes, and still I usually go for the regular stuff anyway. lol

Another thing is that I don't eat well. I barely eat one meal a day, and it's been like that on and off since I was really young. Over the years it has taken a toll on my digestive system. It's very difficult for me to go from eating once a day to three times a day sometimes since my body's been trained to not be hungry all the time, so I usually stick to eating small snacks throughout the day. I don't have regular bowel movements either. Sometimes I don't have a bowel movement for several days at a time, no matter if I eat once or twice a day.

I can get heartburn pretty easily, but that's only when I constantly drink a lot of soft drinks and junk food. I used to get it all the freakin' time. I've been drinking a lot of water and healthier foods now, so I haven't had that problem for a while. And that's pretty much it about my digestive system. :-)
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