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I want to post here at least once a week, but my life hasn't been particularly interesting the past several months. I have a lot of things that I think about, but I'm not used to expressing those thoughts very often.

Anyway, I've been looking for a customer service or a receptionist-like job, and I'm still looking, but I recently found out that I'll be happier as a counselor. I don't know why in hell I haven't thought about it earlier. I'd be good as a peer specialist and/or a peer counselor. Well, I have to be trained and certified for that, and I will need a job in the meantime to pay for it. I'll have to start my treatment and make sure that I could handle those issues first, though.

On an unrelated note: I get my braces off this Spring or Summer, yaaay!!! The other day my dentist put a power chain on my top and bottom set of teeth. They hurt like hell! My mom bought some Chinese food last night, and I had to swallow, not chew, my shrimp fried rice - not fun. Tylenol is my friend right now. lol

Woohoo for tax time! I really need the money. lol
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