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Yep, I Did

Well, I am withdrawing from school. I couldn't take it anymore after that horrible panic attack I had a few weeks ago. I felt like I wasn't experiencing reality anymore until that one day when I got really anxious and cut myself. That was so pleasant. After bleeding for a while I felt "real" again. The "real" feeling only lasted for a few days so I got anxious again and started cutting myself quite a few times, but it didn't seem to work. Yep, I was a wreck. Now I feel rather apathetic.
This past Monday I was supposed to see my therapist for the last time, but I got on the wrong bus and never made it. She called me twice since then wanting to make another appointment. Honestly, I am tired of going to therapy. It doesn't seem to help. They just continue to tell me things that I don't want to hear. Today is my last chance to talk to my therapist, but I doubt that I will see her. I really just don't care right now. And plus, I have to find a new one. Well, I guess I better finish my withdrawal process.
Tags: anxiety, apathy, doctors, self-injury, withdrawal
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