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More Family Members

I planned to take a month off from writing in this journal, but I feel like getting some things off my chest.

Well, my Thanksgiving was pretty good. My mom, two sisters, and I went to my grandmother's house (on my mom's side) and later that day we went to Russel's house (my mom's boyfriend). The next day my youngest sister and I went to our father's house. Well, my father decided to tell us that he is married to his girlfriend. I think he made a big mistake there. He's not happy with himself nor is he happy with his life, so he decides to do "the right thing" and marry a woman he likes. I care not to explain my reasoning any further since this journal is public.

Anyway, now I have a step-mother, two step-sisters, and a step-brother. Oh, and also I have a good number of step- nieces and nephews. So far I only met one of them. He's a cutie-pie. All of them are around the same age (1 and under), and I probably won't meet anymore of them - you know, baby-momma drama and all. If I'm not mistaken, my oldest step-sister has some kids, but they're in Mississippi, so I never met them. Shit, my mom may get married some time next year... Then I'll have two more step-sisters and a step brother. A couple of years ago I never expected this to happen. I'm not upset or anything, it's just different from what I expected, but I'm not surprised.

It's possible that we may move to another town to live with Russel. As long as my mom's happy, then all is fine by me. I don't particularly like this bullshit apartment that we currently live in. If and when we do move, I'll most likely have my own car and prepare to move to Indiana anyway. Things have gotten tons better since my father moved out last year, but living with my sisters and mom suck. They're so messy and too darn defensive for my liking. I love 'em and all, but I rather live alone. Period.
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