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Where the Hell is This Place?!

I found a job listing on that I was interested in, so I called them the other day (Tuesday). We scheduled an interview for that day, but I couldn't find the exact place. When I asked a few people where that particular suite was, they didn't know what I was talking about. I came to the conclusion that this suite didn't exist. When I called the job to see what was up, the line was busy - I called again and the line was still busy.

I was pretty upset after that. I didn't want to call them again when I got home because I didn't feel like running back up there or to wherever it was. Yesterday I didn't see a reason to call back since they initially told me that the boss probably wouldn't be in for a while or so, but I'm gonna call today to see what the hell happened and if I could get another the right place.

Damn...they sent me off! LOL! I laugh now, but I was really upset then. I'll edit this entry later today after I call again...

Edit: I have an interview tomorrow at 10:45am! The place does exist, but I have to walk around the building, all the way to the back behind this restaurant or something like that...I'll find it! Let's hope I get the position!!!
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