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Looking Up

Yay! I now have $78.11 in my checking account as opposed to the $2.11 I had for a while now. lol Thank you, Mom and thank you, Grandma! lol That will go to my credit card payment though, but that's okay. I expect to have a constant flow of money soon, so I'm good. :D

I've been reading a lot, and I'm enjoying it. I've always liked reading and contemplating things though. I do most of my reading at night since my sleep schedule is way off right now. Well, I bought some more of those over-the-counter sleeping pills, so I should be able to sleep better now. Anyway, I'm trying to do things that I enjoy doing since I'm not in school or have kids or anything like that. I'm pretty much just focusing on my life and making improvements.

Hell, I need a vacation! Like, I wanna go somewhere nice for a while. There isn't much here for me in Bellwood (which is why I'm planning to move). I need to go someplace where I can relax and really enjoy myself. Maybe that would provide me with some positive energy and excitement.

I'm gonna make a time-line thingy so I could organize my plans for the near future and not feel so overwhelmed by everything. Now, I'm gonna go take a shower.
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