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This Past Week or So...

I hung out with my chicas this past weekend. It was nice to get out of the house and be around my friends. I even braided my hair :P. Well, I drank so much Friday and Saturday that I'm still a little drained, lol. Right now, I'm just tryin' to recooperate and get my stuff together. I've been working on another resume, applying for jobs, and reading some personal transformation books and stuff.

I've been worrying about a friend of mine for the past few months (actually, it's been longer than that), and he's not doin' too well. Honestly, I think he's getting worse. For my own sake, I'm not gonna contact him, or, at least, not for a while. He can reach me if he needs me, but I'm afraid that if I say something to him, I may get hurt. I'm too sensitive to handle rejection from someone I really care about right now (I worry a lot about how he feels about me 'cause I'm not sure how he feels...). I just want him to be happy.

A little over a week ago, I became so upset and contemplated self-injuring again. I'm feeling better now, but thinking about the negative stuff in my life and how it still affects me hurt quite a bit. I'm in the process of getting more sleep, so that should help my mood a lot. Also, I need more food. This lack of nutrition shit is not fun. I'm sure that when I get my job, things will be better. There's a lot that I have to do. There's a lot that I need to do :/. Oy.
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