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Steph Rocks Because...

For Stephanie!!! (luvu4legos2)

We e-met several months ago in unsentletters, where I replied to an entry of yours. It was nice to have someone who's down-to-earth and understanding to talk to :). I think you're kind-hearted and you also have a "fuck the bullshit" attitude which makes you even more awesome :P

You're always willing to hang out with your friends or just be there for them. And I like that you're always ready to have an awesome time and then you just go for it! You have some of the kewl-est icons like, EVER! You just rock, and those guys don't know what they're missing, but they suck anyway and you're better off without those "boys," lol. Plus, we have the same first name, how awesome is that? lol
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