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Revé Rocks Because...

For Miss Revé (reve119)

You work so hard, girl! You seem to never give up even despite the odds, and I know how hard that is when illness gets in the way. I see you as determined- you know what you want and you go for it. I really admire your ability to remain on some level of rationality in difficult situations. When obstacles leap in your way, you take the time to think the situation through, so you could figure things out and learn from it. Also, you have plain ol' decency and common sense- unfortunately, not many people have that, lol.

You're just cool :P. I like that you don't mind my comment-raping your journal from time to time (lol!), and I appreciate your replying to my comments. I'm proud of you for graduating from college (yay, no more neuroscience!) and quitting those draining jobs (I hate Kroger now and I never worked there, lol). Revé, you have strength and resilience, and I love that about ya ;)
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