August 1st, 2011

LJ Therapy


Long time, no write. I'm too depressed to write, I assume. Anyway, I've been receiving hypotherapy, which is lovely (especially since all I have to do is just lay there). Therapy's been good. I go twice a week, and I feel some progress. The funny thing is we haven't touched my traumatic past at all. We're building strength and confidence right now, so when we do the trauma work, I won't freak out or get dissociated. Dissociation is a bitch, by the way.

Well, I've transferred back to bakery, so I'm happy that I'm not working in Logistics in that freezing cold freezer. I couldn't tolerate that nor the ETL over Logistics. My therapist and Target's disability team helped me get out of that damn department. Bakery is tons better now that we have a new team leader. I left because of the last bitch. The new team leader was the previous baker, who I really like and enjoy working with. Awesome. The new ETL can kiss my ass, though. He hasn't been hovering over the department lately, so I don't haven any current complaints about him.

I don't stress as much as I used to. I have therapy and exhaustion to thank for that. You get tired of people trying to take advantage of you, and fighting back is even more tiring. I go to work, make a plan, get things done, and leave (mostly on time!) I used to pretty much pull double-shifts in order to get things done, and the list of things to do seemed to never end! I hated that. Now everything is cool and more relaxed for me at work. It's sort of like that at home, too. Well, I don't get as angry as I used to get. I try to let things go. My family's dysfunctional and I've accepted that. It sucks, but I won't have to deal with it much longer.
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