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Job Options

My dad wants me to have a job sooo badly, lol. I told him that I'm going to get a job my own way, but of course, he wants to control everything, so he's offering me this type of job:
-factory work
-12hr. shifts
-an hour or two away from where I live

LMAO!!! What the hell?! I'm mentally ill for cryin' out loud! I'm not even gonna go into detail about how horrible this job would be for me. That job is like the complete opposite of what I wanna do.

My dad's coming over tomorrow (well, technically, this afternoon) to help my sister and I fill out the application and what not. He didn't bother to ask if I had anything planned, but he never asks. He just expects us to have a clear schedule when he comes along.

Anyway, I have plans for then, so he can kiss my ass :). At first, I planned to go to one of my favorite and peaceful places, so that I could enjoy myself, but I may apply for McDonald's instead, LMAO! I know, I know...I hate fast-food, but my friend, Susie, will be working there, and that'd be so fucking awesome (we're both very responsible, so we wouldn't allow our silliness to interfere with our work, lol). This job will only be temporary, and I think it's a great idea! I don't know why, seeing as I hate fast-food so much, lol. I'm just open to a lot of options right now :). I don't want to sit here being broke when I could make money in the meantime, but fuck Target though, LOL. I'm in a much, MUCH more positive mind-set now and I'm trying not to take everything sooo seriously; I just want to enjoy myself and be happy :)
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