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Turning Point

I am in transition...

My life is changing and so is my mood. Awesome! :D Depression sucks ass, and it did more than slow me was stopping me, actually. Anyway, I'm doing fairly well :). There are times when I feel that my life isn't going anywhere, but I try to do something about it.

Still, I'm jobless. I'm just waiting for a response from this bank I applied to and I'm on the look-out for other jobs as well. I really enjoyed my, what...four months off, but yeah...I now have less than $300 to my name XD. Oh, and I plan to spend a little more than half of it to buy a permanent account :x. Yeah, I love me some LJ Also, it was fun to have the house to myself while my sisters were at school and my mom at work *reminiscent sigh*, but summer break is pretty much here for my sisters. Now, I'm like, "NOOO!!! I want to be alone!!!" lol It'd be nice to earn some money again, but this time, I wanna earn money by doing something that I'm comfortable with, not to mention something that's challenging. No more fuckin' retail or fast food, please! lol

Well, since I have all this free time I've been reading a lot. I was on the internet, like, all day and everyday for a while, but now, I'm not on the net so much. I'm getting bored with it and since my sisters are home a lot now I have to share the computer with them. I need to get my laptop fixed ASAP, lol. Being in the house all the damn time sucks, so I plan to go out and do stuff. The outdoor track up the street is under construction, or some shit, so I can't go jogging :(. I should start doing yoga again, and hell, I miss dancing, like, taking dance classes and performing and stuff. I still have the library and my other reading spots though. Yeah, I'm a nerd XD. It'd be lovely to leave this house...permanently!!! LOL! My home-situation is a lot better and everything, but hell with this place! I need my independence, damnit! And besides, what the hell do I look like living around my abusers? I don't want these people to remain in my life this intimately anymore; they're not good for me while I'm still sick.

Fuck! I have a bit of a head-cold and my head has started to hurt :(. I need to lay in bed and read until I fall asleep. Oh, this sucks *rubs head*! At least I'm not totally sick :P. Anyway, I'm trying to remain in a positive mood. I'm figuring out what I want and focusing on it. I just need to get through this crap.
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