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I'm Kinda Back...Update

Wow. I wasn't feeling so good when I took a break, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I figured some things out, so now I just have to keep going.

Well, I'm still looking for a job, and there are two that I'm pretty interested in. These two jobs are customer service jobs, and I feel that customer service is better suited for me than food or retail. Speaking of retail, my previous job, the job I constantly complained about, wants me to come back! LMAO! What the hell? I quit for a reason! Well, actually I quit for several reasons, but still...why in the hell would I want to come back to that hell-hold?! I don't care if "a lot of changes were made and there's a new team leader." What the hell would I do there? I wouldn't be the baker and I most certainly wouldn't consider becoming a Level One again. I guess I'd be the specialist cake-decorator... I'll think about it, but honestly, I doubt that I'll go back. Bakery-retail is not my cup of tea. I much rather dress up nicely every day and answer phones. Heh, wow.

In other news, I almost had a panic attack yesterday. Heh, I started thinking about what I didn't want and what I actually did want in my life. Great. I'm crazy at night, I need to stop thinking like that at bedtime, lol.
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