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To-Do List and Update

1. File my taxes.
2. Buy some toiletries at Walgreens.
3. Read the last chapter of that book.
4. Get food.
5. Read more of the other book.
6. Complete a resume or two.
7. Continue the job-hunt.

Nothing much going on here. My mood's been pretty damn good even though my sleep habits kind of suck right now. I'm gonna start working on improving those habits though.

The other day I went out with some girlfriends which was pretty nice. We went to an arcade to play lazer tag which was awesome! I was running around like crazy, what a work-out! lol We also went to see the movie Premonition. My girls and I agreed that it was a good movie although it was a bit depressing. We also planned to go to a restaurant, but after eating all that popcorn in the theater we decided not to. There were four of us, but three (myself included) didn't want the night to end, so after Susan dropped Phalon off she took Stacy and I to her house. There we chatted a bit and then Susan took the both of us home. Sadly, when I was at home, I became hungry, but I enjoyed the outting, nonetheless (lol).

As far as my plans for this year I plan to move to IN, exactly when is beyond me at this point. If I get a job within the month of April, then I'll probably move this fall. I'm not really sure about this though, it depends on how much money I save and when (or if) I find a job and a place to live in IN. Since I damn near hate it here I may move very, very soon, but this depends also. I'm just going with the flow of life right now, so I'll find out more details later, I assume.
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