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Caution - Feminine Problems Ahead...

I am currently on my what, right? Well, I haven't been on my period for about 9mos. before this. Actually, a few months ago I was spotting a little bit, but that doesn't really count. I was actually starting to get worried about this, especially if something really bad was to happen and I needed immediate health care assistance (still no health insurance at the moment :/).

I was on birth control pills for about two years to regulate my period because before then my periods were extremely retarded. I would bleed non-stop for 2-3 weeks at a time, stop for 2-10 days, and then would start bleeding for another couple weeks or so. I became very anemic because of this also. The pill helped me out wonderfully.

Well, around late June, early July I stopped taking the pill. I was broke and jobless, hence, I couldn't afford the pills anymore. About three months after I stopped the pill and when my period stopped, I went to my doctor. Of course while I was there I was talking to her about my overall health concerns, so I mentioned my mental health issues as well...the depression, the cutting, the lack of a psychologist, etc., etc. Yeah. Naturally, that matter had to be taken care of first since I was pretty suicidal and self-injurous at the time, so my menstrual problem took the back seat. I was supposed to go back to my doctor a month later, but I never did >_>.

So! Today is my 6th day bleeding and it's gotten heavier, not lighter, so I'm guessing that I'm back to the retarded, irregular periods again since before ALL of that I was only bleeding about 5 days. Whoopee *rolls eyes*. Evidently, I need to go back on the pill again. I do have some money to start paying for it (even without health insurance), so I'll ask my doc. for another prescription soon.
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