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Current Plans

Yesterday (V-Day) was my last day at that horrid place also known as my job. Great. It was okay :). My cake decorator called off, so I did both baking and cake decorating yesterday. I'm gonna miss a few people, but now it's time to move on!

Before I left my job I made sure that I would have enough money to pay off all of my bills, and I do! I'm almost done paying for everything, too.
--Indiana University Bursar account
--Loyola Hospital
--Bloomington Hospital (they haven't taken the money from my account yet)
--Target Red Card
--Clout Visa Card

I'm gonna get rid of my two credit cards and get one new card. After paying for all of this shit I won't have much money left for myself, but that's okay :).

So! I'm trying to see if I could move to IN in about six months. I'm gonna start looking for a new job now, and I'm interested in working at a hospital. Of course my mind is open to a lot of different places, but not to fuckin' retail. I'm just not cut out for that shit, there's too much bullshit involved. Anyway, hopefully I'll be employed at a pretty good job soon, so that I could save enough money for a car and to start my life off in IN!

Eesh, I'm sleepy.
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