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Yet Another Change of Plans

I seriously need a new job. I'll have to go job-hunting again. I hate job-hunting, it sucks. Well, I'll have to be broke for a while. I guess I'll just go into my savings account and pay off my credit cards. I'll also have to get rid of one of those damn Target Red Card...grrr! lol I don't even want to shop at Target anymore. Also, I'll have to put my medical bills on hold, again.

I'm pretty upset about this because I wanted to buy a very good used car with the money in my saving account, but now I probably can't :(. I was gonna stay at Target for a few more months to earn enough money, buy my car, and then get a better job. If I don't have a car, then I'm limited to working at nearby places. I also planned to go to Indiana by the end of this live there! Great. Now I'm stuck here for a while.

Great. Now my mom's gonna be weird towards me because I can't continue to pay her damn bills. I don't know if she'll tell me to move out, probably not, but if my mom's sperm donor gets upset with me, then she will, too. Whatever, I'm not really worried about that at the moment. I'm stronger now, my parents are the least of my worries.

Man, I got dizzy yesterday at work. I felt like passing out, and the funny thing is I didn't really feel exhausted...well, maybe psychologically exhausted, I guess. Well, I do tend to have dissociations at work :x. I haven't dissociated and ended up getting hurt, well, at least not yet. *sigh* I really need to quit this job.

Alrighty. Now I have to go job-hunting. Bah!!!
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