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Fuck you. $9.50 plus shift difference an hour my're not worth it. I'm one of your best workers and I'm being treated like shit, not to mention what you entail is crap! No wonder we can never keep a baking specialist at this bogus-ass store.

I get dizzy and/or depersonalized when I'm in the deep freezer for more than 10mins. even when wearing that heavy coat and gloves. I could literally slip, get seriously injured, and die in that damn freezer!

Since this is a public journal I will not be specific or give names about the assholes that I work with and work for. Mr. X, get off my fucking back! I don't give a shit if I'm a specialist and should take charge and do all of these necessary things, which are NOT my responsibility! Go to hell! What the fuck do I look like, superwoman?! Oh, another thing, fix my fuckin' schedule and stop acting like I should automatically know when I come in and at what time; you have a tendency to change my schedule drastically, it's not supposed to change like that. One last thing, hire people who are NOT lazy or stupid. Maybe things will get done quickly and properly. Shit.

I have quite a few problems with you, you lousy job. I planned to stay with you for at least two years, and so far I've been with you for almost six're such a pain in my ass. When (and if) I get my new car, then I'm going to leave your ass. I can't take this shit.

Hopes you fall to hell,
Me, damnit.
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